About me

I am a neuroscientist, currently working as an Associate Research Scientist with the primary appointment at Yale Child Study Center. The moment that got me interested in neuroscience was a Brain-Computer-Interface seminar in 2013, where the thoughts of a volunteer sitting in front of us was being displayed in the computer. Being jaw-dropped by what I witnessed, I got tremendously curious about how brain actually works. Over the years, I am working on understanding the structural and network level alterations in the brain that occurs during various psychological and neurological disorders.
Before my career in Neuroscience, I worked as an Engineer in biomedical and communication related projects. Among other things I count soccer, hiking, traveling and reading books as some of my interests.

For more details please find my CV (updated: May 2023) here.

Associate Research Scientist
Child Study Center,
School of Medicine
Yale University
New Haven, USA