OHBM communication Committee and Blog contributor

Since 2019, I am an official member of the organization of human brain mapping (OHBM) – communication committee and have been also serving as the OHBM blog contributor.
Following are some contributions highlight:
Interview with Prof. Dr. Tonya White.
Interview with Prof. Dr. Anna Wang Roe.

Enhancing Neuroimaging Genetics Through Meta analysis (ENIGMA)

Since 2019, I along with Prof. Dr. Muthuraman Muthuraman has been the official collaborators for the ENIGMA project and are members of ENIGMA – MEG working Group.

Educational Outreach

Since, 2019, I am involved in teaching and supervising students in USA and Nepal for different projects. For teaching: the bi-weekly course is currently running for “Basics of neuroimaging and data analysis” via online platform. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the course.

Book Cover Contribution

In one of my proud moments in doing diffusion weighted data analysis, the tractography image of my own brain was selected as a book cover from the book “Hirnpotentiale” from Prof. Dr. Heiko J. Luhmann.

Public Reach

I believe science being a part of the society should be accessible to everyone. Hence, whenever possible I try to conduct public lectures and discussion sessions. Some of the past events are listed below and keep tuned for upcoming events.

NAAMI Public lecture series, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese in Neuroscience

A monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) discussion with group of Nepali scholars mostly neuroscientist discussing on how to improve the research platform in developing countries like Nepal. If you want to listen to the discussion and contribute with your suggestions send an email on nepaleseinneuro@gmail.com.

Q & A session for Students in Nepal: Research in Neuroscience and Psychology

A question and answer session with group of Nepali students with researchers working in the field of neuroscience and psychology held over zoom.

Workshop on Diffusion Weighted Imaging – Basic principles and data analysis

A two part workshop on the principles of diffusion MRI data and the analysis. https://birc.uconn.edu/events/birc-lectures-and-workshops-2/

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